Take on the Lake!

Day 92- 1 May 2010

Just returned from Rotorua, where I ran my first 10k. We headed down yesterday afternoon and with Friday traffic and ‘incidents’ (they don’t call them accidents) it ended up taking us a lot longer than we’d planned. But no matter, we (myself, Chris, Amanda, and Amanda’s friend from home, Erin) played MASH to pass the time and I was actually very pleased with my life where I was married to Ryan Reynolds in the Netherlands with no kids and a white tiger for a pet. Once in Rotorua, we tried to find a real carby place to eat but decided on Indiann food which we split four ways and was quite delicious. We spent the next couple of hours trying to find an ice cream shop that was still open because EVERYTHING was closed after 7pm. On a Friday. ? Finally checked into our hostel, almost a good night sleep except that the rain was coming down so hard that it was loud enough to wake us up a couple times.

Next morning set out with a big group: Myself, Chris, Amanda and Erin and 5 of Erin’s flatmates: 1 who was not running, 1 who had just signed up the night before, 1 who had major shin splints, and two who had no significant ailments. It rained all the way up until the race started but for some reason was clear the whole time we were running, and then picked up again when we had finished. I felt that I did pretty good, would have done a lot better but had to stop in the middle for a potty break. But for not really training, and including the potty break, I thought .59:08 was not too shabby. After the race half of us hung out in the infirmary to get free ice and blister packs and then we headed to a café to get victory brunch, literally carrying one of our crew. I had some bomb as waffles with blueberries and bananas. We had planned to see some hot pools but, after eating realized we were tired and wanted to get out of that stinky town. So we drove back to Auckland, stopping at Candyland (a discount candy wharehouse) along the way.  I then convinced kids from ihouse to watch a movie with me instead of going out (it is a Saturday) and we watched Gangs of New York and they didn’t like it.


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