The Haka

Day 125- 3 June 2010

Tonight I attended a performance by my friends who are in the Kapa Haka class at school. The Haka is the traditional dance that Maori do only on special occasions for special people…or that the All Blacks do before every rubgy match. The class taught them this and several other dances which we got to watch at the university’s Marae (sacred Maori site). Technically only the boys do the Haka and they take off their shirts and stomp on the ground and slap their chests and stick their tongues out and its actually quite scary. The girls get to lead the mellower songs by singing and dancing with a Poi which is a ball on the end of a decorated rope. It was awesome because I saw just about every person I know that goes to Auckland Uni there tonight: people I met in class, at alumni dinners, friends of friends, roommates of friends of friends, EVERYONE.  And there were some people from I House that I didn’t know were in the class but I told them I came just to watch them.  After they performed, there were several other performances and just when I thought my bladder would explode, it was over and there was FREE FOOD. Luckily I stuck with my crafty friend Jeff and he somehow worked us to the front of the line and we dominated that Maori inspired buffet. I realized also that today had been my last day of classes for first semester and that a cultural performance, free food and a chance to meet up with just about everyone I know here was a good way to end it.


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